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3 Principles When Facing the Unforeseen

During a recent traveling experience my airline was unable to complete the flight crew and my flight was canceled. Connections were lost and the arrival time at my destination became unknown. It was in this situation that the gate agent for the airline taught me three principles.


In order to achieve optimum performance and a high emotional quotient during your daily activities, you should avoid letting yourself get TIRED.  There are five common pitfalls that threaten to chip away rather than strengthen the balance you need in your life between faith, life and business.

The Power of Being Chosen

Several years ago while I was working in a consumer goods company, I was associated with a brand that had historically been second in the race for market share. Most of us had no idea that a new segment of this industry was about to emerge. One middle level leader, however, did see the signs […]

Leadership is NOT an Option

From before the time you were born you were destined to lead, to influence other people and to make a difference in those around you. The question is what kind of influence will you decide to have?

Humility is Released by Defeating Pride

Human beings have been battling pride since the beginning of time.  Eve was the first to fall in the Garden of Eden when she was presented with the temptation of “being equal to God.”  That act of rebellion against Almighty God has continued through history leading to unrighteous behavior with tragic consequences.

Fess-Up vs. Cover-Up

One of my oldest memories is getting caught after doing something that I knew would bring punishment and rebuke.  There is a sinking feeling of shame that comes just before the consequence of the errant deed.