In order to achieve optimum performance and a high emotional quotient during your daily activities, you should avoid letting yourself get TIRED.  There are five common pitfalls that threaten to chip away rather than strengthen the balance you need in your life between faith, life and business.

  1. T – Temptation.  When you’re tired, you become vulnerable to various types of temptations.  When you have an appropriate amount of rest, your decision making process, your self control, and your overall outlook increase dramatically.  Referring to the fruits of the spirit may redirect your ability to resist temptation.
    I – Impatience – Have you ever had a late night and found yourself quick to anger  the next day when dealing with employees?   Have you spent a frustrating day at work and been short with your family?   We are all charged with doing our jobs as effectively as we can, but bringing work related problems home can cause ineffective communication with your family.
    R – Reactionary – Your ability to make good decisions can be compromised when you’re tired.  There is a tendency to react to the decisions of others instead of taking the lead in the process.  Clear thinking can only be achieved with proper rest.
    E – Encumbered – Sometimes you can become weighted down in one of the three areas:  faith, life or business.  Often, when you’re tired, problems in one area can spill over into the other two.  Carrying the burden on your own can affect your emotional well being leading to fatigue, but it’s during those times that you should seek counsel from those closest to you and from biblical scripture to reconnect the balance in your life.
    D – Dejected – Don’t let fatigue from a day full of disappointments paint a bleak picture of all aspects of your life.  Meet problems head on, consult trusted friends or family if necessary and include as many people in the solution process as appropriate.  On difficult days, rely on prayer for strength, understanding, and peace and return to work renewed.