Almost 10 years ago, Adrian Rogers blessed his congregation by summarizing the life of Jesus as “from stars to scars.” The stars refer to the beginning of His life in a manger covered by a starlit sky over Bethlehem. The scars are a lasting reminder of His death and resurrection and our salvation bought on the cross.

The scars bring to me a vivid picture of the suffering that Jesus endured for my salvation. His personal decision to suffer the pain shows me how much love it took to eclipse the suffering to which He was committed. Jesus was not forced to bear the cross or even to stay present on it. He could have come down at any point, but His love endured and it was that love that kept Him on the cross, not the nails. He chose to suffer and die in my place that day.

Then, three days later, the words came “HE IS RISEN!!!“ That moment causes our responding celebration, “HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!”This is what I celebrate, knowing that His defeating death is THE paramount and separating fact attributed only to Jesus.

Perhaps we should remember — the only man-made things in heaven are the scars that Jesus bears to His Father.

Celebrate the resurrection……..HE IS RISEN INDEED.